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6 food items that you should say bye-bye during kidney stone treatment


Our health is in our own hands! Do you all agree with this statement? The more we take care of ourselves, the more we stay fit and healthy.

About 12-15% of the Indian population have a kidney stone. That means every one person out of 10 has a kidney stone. You will also be shocked to know that out of this 12% of people, almost 50% don’t take care of their diet and this problem increases in them which can cause severe pain and can damage the kidney permanently. Diet is one of the most important factors which affects the well-being of a person. A good and healthy diet will always impact the body in a positive way as compared to an unhealthy diet. But which food to avoid in kidney stone treatment, so that they don’t increase the chances of side effects? We have prepared a list of food items that should be avoided in kidney stone treatment. Have a look at them!


Kidney stone patients must take special care of their diet when they have undergone the treatment of kidney stones so that it doesn’t develop again. The food to avoid during kidney stone treatment are:

  • A food item that is high in Salt

The first and foremost food to avoid in kidney stone treatment is food that has salt. The high amount of salt/sodium triggers the kidney stone and increases the amount of calcium in the urine. Therefore, it is recommended to eat a low salt diet. Avoid junk food as well because they contain a high level of sodium. If you go out in restaurants make sure to instruct that salt should not be added to your food. When you buy a packed food item, check the content of the sodium it has. You must be thinking that drinking vegetable juice will be healthy, but not all vegetables have a low amount of salt in them. Intake of salt per day should be between 1500 mg to 2300 mg.

  • Try to reduce the consumption of animal protein.

There are many animal protein food items like red meat, pig, chicken, poultry, 

fish, and eggs, which increases the amount of uric acid in the body and this can develop the kidney stone again. When a lot of animal protein is consumed it reduces the citrate in urine. Citrate’s main job is to prevent kidney stones from forming but when the level of citrate is reduced, you get kidney stones. Thus, it is recommended to not eat too much animal protein. There are many alternatives to an animal protein like chia seeds, yogurt, hummus, and so on. Remember Protein is vital for overall health, make sure you consult your doctor on how much you should eat on a regular basis.

  • Stay away from food that forms kidney stone

Yes, there are some food items like spinach, wheat bran, tomato seeds, and nuts that are known to form kidney stones. These food items increase the level of oxalates in your body due to which kidney stones develop. Avoid consuming these food items. The doctor will also be recommended you do not eat these food items or if you wish to eat them try consuming them in smaller quantities.

  • Food that is rich in Vitamin C

You must be wondering if Vitamin C is known to be beneficial for the human body, then why must it be avoided in Kidney stones? When you consume a high amount of vitamin-rich food items, it increases the level of oxalate production which further develops kidney stones.

  • Added sugar

When you consume items having added sugar like chocolates, candies, Nutella, or even the snack bars! This food item not only decreases the urine volume but also increases the calcium in urine which causes kidney stones. Make sure before buying any food item, you check the amount of sugar added to it.

  • Soy products

Soy products such as tofu, soya beans, soy milk, soy nuts, etc. must be avoided as they are very harmful to kidneys. These food items have a high amount of oxalate in them which goes through the kidney and thus leads to the formation of kidney stones.


These 6 foods to avoid in kidney stones can help you a lot in treating kidney stone problems. If you want to treat kidney stones then a good diet is very necessary. We are not saying to completely cut off from the food items mentioned above, but consume them in fewer quantities keeping in mind that you are having kidney stones. Apart from these, there are various other foods to avoid kidney stones. Make sure to consult your doctor for better advice.



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