Side effects of kidney stones

7 side effects of kidney stones that you should know


When we suffer from a normal fever, we feel weak from inside, our legs hurt, and we don’t want to get up! These are the common side effects you see of fever. Similarly, every other disease or disorder has its own side effects.

Talking about kidney stones, in this our kidney develops stones which vary in size. The main reason for kidney stones is the collection of salts and minerals which are made up of calcium or uric acid. Normally when the stones are small in size, they don’t have any side effects but when the size increases the side effects worsen. In this article, we have listed some of the side effects of kidney stones that everyone must know.


The side effects depend upon the size of the stone. But one of the most common kidney stone effects is pain whose intensity can be low or very high (depending on the size of the stone, but not every time). You will have constant pain, but it will start at any time and generally comes and goes in waves. As when the stone moves and changes its location, you will feel pain. Let us know other kidney stone side effects:

  • Pain during urination

This side effect happens when the stone reaches between the ureter and bladder. When this happens, you will have pain when you urinate. The pain can be burning or sharp.

  • A feeling to urinate immediately

One of the side effects of kidney stones is that most of the time you will feel that you go to the bathroom too urgently. You will visit the bathroom more frequently than usual. This indicates that the stone has now changed its location and is now in the lower part of the urinary tract.

  • Blood in urine

This side effect is also seen in people having kidney stones. The blood is generally in the color red, brown, or pink.

  • Smell in urine

When you notice that your urine has a bad smell or is cloudy, immediately go and see a doctor. This is a sign that your urinary tract or kidney has an infection. What is cloudy urine? This urine indicates that there is a puss in your urinary tract.

  • Vomit and nausea

Most people have this side effect. Vomit and nausea are caused because there is a shared nerve connection in your kidney and GI tract. Stones that are located in the kidney provoke the nerves of the GI tract which results in an upset stomach.

  • Fever

This is also an indication that needs immediate attention. It means that there is an infection in your kidney and the problem is quite severe. You must visit your doctor in case the fever is there. And in some cases, shivering can also be there along with fever.

  • Pain

Do you know the pain can be of so much intensity that the patient is not able to control it and has to be taken to the hospital immediately? You will feel pain when the stone starts moving in the ureter. This can also cause blockage in the urinary tract.

Normally when the stone is very small in size, pain is not there but there can be situations when these small stones can land you up in a lot of trouble. You will not feel constant pain, the pain comes and goes just like waves!

After reading the side effects of kidney stones, we believe you must also be thinking about what these people go through? The pain is unbearable! The effect of kidney stones on the body is damaging if not treated on time. Well, there are people who easily get cured by kidney stones as the stones pass through urine naturally without any pain or damage. But for some people, kidney stones may cause a lot of pain and discomfort.


Do you know that about 12 % of the Indian population suffers from kidney stones? The size of stone varies from person to person; some have stones that are the size of grain while some can have stones that are the size of a pebble! Doesn’t this sound scary? It is said that the bigger the size of the stone the more side effects are seen.

The side effects of kidney stones can be severe. Kidney stones must be treated as early as possible so that the patient doesn’t face any infection or any severe side effects. There have been cases where the kidney stone passed naturally with the urine and there is no need for an operation. Never take these side effects lightly. The time you face any of the side effects, immediately consult your doctor and get it treated.



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